Adam Fox


The man with a plan. The Guru of the guitar. The man good to know for a video. The supremo in the studio. The clover in the Voice Over.

Thanks and felicitations go to Adam Fox for his outstanding and unbending assistance when creating our video, adding music and voices, putting the right plug in the correct socket and turning the dials at the right time.

A talented production engineer formerly at Sky TV, Adam also writes, plays and sings – and records it all for you to hear. A fine guitarist and musician whose light should not be hid under a bushel. He’s no slouch at music production either, and picked up a Recording of the Year Award, having worked with Universal Records, the BBC, BSkyB, and Queen.

Adam is an explorer, too, who drives monster trucks from here to Timbuktu. And beyond. And when he’s not driving, he takes fabulous photographs of the scenes around him and then writes about his experiences. You can read about some of his exploits in his book: “Don’t Be Late, Or We’ll Leave Without You.”


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