Andrew Golden - writer


Andrew began his writing career as a newspaper reporter on the Salisbury Journal, working his way up the slippery pole of journalism to join Mirror Group Newspapers in 1984. Thirteen years later, he left the paper to become a rock drummer! For him, the Mirror had shattered and he leaped at the chance to tour and record with Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell. It was a jump into the unknown, although he had gained a wealth of experience by drumming for seminal guitarist Mick Green (Johnny Kidd and the Pirates) for three years – whilst holding down the day job.


Andrew still works with Eric Bell and performs and records with Ray Minhinnett, guitarist with the Frankie Miller Band. He also composes orchestral music and dabbles in music production.


Despite following his musical dream, his passion for writing never deserted him and when the opportunity arose to work with Alastair Graham – another seminal artist – he lost count of the number of his lucky stars.


Andrew came up with the idea of Doom and Gloom at the Last Chance Saloon after reading newspaper reports that, according to the Mayan Calendar, the end of the world would occur in December. On his birthday. Rather than cancel the juggler, he decided that a secret Mayan Calendar existed which told how to tiptoe around such a potential catastrophe… at least for a few more years.


The first volume is now complete and work has begun on Volume Two of the trilogy.

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