Chris Wheeler

digital dancer without portfolio


Our thanks goes to grand designer Chris for his imaginative design kills for the book and website – and for putting up with us...!


His positive response to our challenge to make Doom and Gloom at the Last Chance Saloon the first place to go when in need of creative respiration was summed up with the immortal words: ‘Not a problem!’


And so it has proved! For out of the acres of words and oceans of drawings has emerged a wee sleek and shining beastie, dripping with imagination, style and distinctiveness.


Chris has responded to other challenges, too, not least the Orchestra of the Swan, that upstanding and chromatic organisation in Shakespeare’s birthplace, dedicated to leaving no eyes dry as far as the ear can hear.


As well as creating the Orchestra’s sophisticated and memorable brand, Chris has also taken on the role of Chairman of the Friends of the Orchestra. He is also sits on the Orchestra Board as a Trustee Director.


For more information check out his website:



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