We want YOU to get involved by connecting with the characters and stories in the book.


Bring them to life by contributing towards a beautifully illustrated hard copy of the book, plus a narrated audio version.


We’re now working on Volume II of the trilogy. Your funding will help complete this exciting project, too.


We’re not asking something for nothing. Special rewards will be offered to those who take part in our fabulous new venture.


Understandably, our Mayan helpers, Kan and Doo, look a mite miserable, having been stuck in the crouch position for days. Let’s put a smile on their faces. All sorts of tempting offers are on the way, from fridge magnets and posters, to T-shirts, badges, mugs and collectibles, as well as an opportunity to have dinner with two Hollywood actors.


So start putting those pennies aside to buy a slice of the fun that is Doom and Gloom. And keep checking this page where there will be regular updates detailing our progress.


See you soon.


Doom and Gloom


Doom and Gloom - Crowd Funding

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