Rod Ramsay


All hail our Grand Vizier of business and marketing. Here is a consultant who can read a spreadsheet standing on his head whilst eating a savlon-and-cucumber sandwich and humming the Greek national anthem.

Rod’s passion is cars and all things motoring. He is a currently involved in a project to refurbish the first MG Metro 6RV, an iconic Group B rally car, delivered by Williams F1 to Austin Rover Group Motorsport on 7th February 1983 at 8.45am.

Before that he was Managing Director (Sales and Marketing) at MG Rover, and Marketing Director at Rover Cars and Landrover.

With such corporate experience, Rod carries with him a quiet authority coupled with a droll sense of humour and a dry wit – particularly when there is a pint of his favourite Doom Bar ale to hand.

A shrewd businessman, Rod has enthusiastically got behind the wheel of the Doom and Gloom team, sharing his generosity of spirit and his time in equal measure.

Having completed several exciting motoring adventures across India, South Africa and Peru, Rod is now planning an expedition to the Yucatan to investigate the authenticity of the “No Walk Monkey Run” chariot, rumoured to have been used by Mayan kings. The vehicle, a type of sedan chair, is said to have been propelled by four Howler monkeys.

Mayan shamans reportedly developed a high-octane fuel to improve the efficiency of the monkey tug-team by feeding them a diet of coarse fibres, macadamia nuts and the juice of fermenting pomegranates. The resultant brew gave the Howler monkeys an oomph to their elbows that had to be seen to be believed. Rod hopes to source the fuel and thus be well placed to develop a modern, efficient eco-fuel for use in the world’s motoring industry.


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