The Beginning Begun

Volume One:

We are in Yesterday and a bit of Today!


Three trees share the secrets of the Universe with a Mayan king and his shaman. But these are no ordinary branched perennials. They are Urizeneers, envoys from the advanced civilisation on Planet Urizen.


The trees explain how Earth dwellers must open a portal to a new dimension. If the plan fails, Planet Earth becomes carbonara.


The Urizen Prophecy, etched on a Star Stone, is stolen by Emanon, The Mayan king, and his shaman, Itzcuintli. Now they can rule the world.


Doom and Gloom are two giant Stone Heads who urge a small, blue boy with a rocket-powered imagination to find NoName, a musician whose song will save the world – if only he can remember the words and music.


Battle begins in the almond-flavoured city of Amygdala as NoName is stalked by his alter ego, Emanon, who wants the song for himself.


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