Volume Two: The Miserarium

We are in the Now and a bit of Tomorrow with a resurrected Mayan king and his medicine man.


Our heroes – Blu, BodPod and NoName – are being hunted in The Miserarium, a forbidden area encircling the almond-flavoured city of Amygdala.


The race is on to find the lost Mayan Prophecy. The king desires a secret code hidden in a song. And the destruction of his alter ego, which resides in the songwriter.


The former king Emanon is now Chairman of Gloom Management incorporated (GMi), the world’s only drugs and media corporation. His shaman, Itzcuintli, doubles as the company’s Mister Fixit.


Blu’s mother, Renata Steme, designs Absoblutamol, a powerful mind-altering drug to be dispensed by Keefs, an army of highly evolved robots, to every living thing on the planet.


Blu and NoName are joined by William Bloke, a street fighter from the sewers, who leads the revolt against GMi with his rebel army. All six of them. The mysteries of The Miserarium must be solved to open the Exit door in the Last Chance Saloon.


Only then can their final journey begin.

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